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H.A.M.M. adds a Cougar to its Frescos

14 March 2017


The brand new restoration of the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum’s Grumman F9F-8 Cougar which is intended for display as if in-flight—H.A.M.M. image and copyright

Warren Moore of the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum shared great news as well as photos with us and that is their completions of their Grumman F9F-8 Cougar restoration (shown above). Historic Aviation Memorial Museum is impressive and full of energy with its flying MiG-17 aircraft and more—it is a rewarding stop to make.

MiG-17 (NATO identifier: Fresco) getting new paint and looking nice—H.A.M.M. image and copyright

He also shared images of H.A.M.M.’s MiGs—yes, MiGs in the heart of Texas!

H.A.M.M. provides a home to this pair flying MiG-17 Frescos used on the airshow circuit and has the airport in Tyler TX looking like a MiG base—H.A.M.M. image and copyright

Another view of H.A.M.M.’s MiG-17 fighters—H.A.M.M. image and copyright

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