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The Starship Enterprise NCC-1701

20 March 2017

Federation Star Ship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) model formerly aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65)—U.S. Navy image

Federation Starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) formerly aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65)—U.S. Navy image

Happily, at times, life imitates art. This model was originally donated to the aircraft carrier (recently decommissioned) USS Enterprise (CVN-65). The design of starship is just so cool with its huge engines, primary saucer section and secondary hull which could separate on the successor Starship Enterprise, and idea of exploration. Obviously, the concept of phased array technology had not existed for Gene Roddenberry at the time but the idea of beaming about the place is a heck of a concept which I suppose is based on quantum physics somehow.

The metal model is 15″ x 6″ x 7¼” in size and has resided as an artifact since 2006 in the Naval History and Heritage Command as NHHC 2006-48-4.


Federation Starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) model formerly aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65)—U.S. Navy image

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  1. 20 March 2017 10:27

    I recall my first visit to the Air & Space museum. They had the original Starship Enterprise model hanging from wires on display. It was the same one used as a prop for filming the original Star Trek series back in the 1960s..

    It was hanging just high enough that visitors could not reach it to touch it. I must have spent thirty minutes examining it from every angle possible. Latest on the model is that the museum conservators are restoring it, as it had begun to show signs of aging, I suppose from exposure to air and contaminants. IIRC, it was tuning out to be more of a challenge than the Smithsonian experts had anticipated. Dunno if the restoration is finished or not. I have an idea that when it goes back on display, it will be in some kind of display cabinet.

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      20 March 2017 11:56

      Hello Chuck,

      Like you, I enjoyed seeing it as well and was impressed by its size being much larger than the kit models I had built. For a bit I had “official ship plans” and I noticed the bridge was not facing directly ahead but was rotated 15° clockwise as viewed from above. I can’t think of a reason why.

  2. Kevin Woolf permalink
    24 March 2017 09:20

    This is a completely nerdy comment but I feel I must suggest a small correction. This is the original “USS Enterprise,” its saucer section never came off. 🙂

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      24 March 2017 10:45

      Not nerdy. Correct. Thanks, I’ll remedy the error 🙂

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