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The X-57 Maxwell

15 May 2017
X-57 NASA image

Artist concept of the X-57 Maxwell—NASA image

NASA has a goal to reduce the energy required to fly a light aircraft at 175 mph to only 20% that required today. The X-57 Maxwell will be a modified Tecnam P20006T modified to use 14 electric wing mounted motors with the outer ones used during cruising flight. It will fly two people for one hour with a range of 100 miles.


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  1. 15 May 2017 01:13

    I fully recognize the need for proof of concept, but a 100 mile range pushes it a bit much in the practical usefulness category. Especially when you could probably buy a large McMansion or multi-car garage full of Bentley’s for what one would cost.

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      15 May 2017 06:52

      Yes, 100 miles isn’t far. Likely more practical and enjoyable to take one of the Bentleys 😉


  1. The X-57 Maxwell | Travel for Aircraft | Aeropinakes Press

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