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TPM—exciting update, The People’s Mosquito

22 May 2017

The People’s Mosquito (TPM)—the noble project to construct an original World War II era de Havilland Mosquito to be owned in the public trust as well as to fly. This will be the sole Mosquito flying for and by the public. This will also be the only flying Mosquito not risking an irreplaceable airframe though not to critique private owners which fly the one or two restored de Havilland Mosquitos. The TPM staff are expert in their fields—John Lilley in restoration, Ross Sharp in all things historical as well as regulatory, Bill Ramsey one of the UK’s most experienced pilots, Alan Pickford the financier and many more. Travel for Aircraft has supported TPM since its beginning and has been more than happy doing so.

The People’s Mosquito (TPM) key fob especially cut from the wood used in fabricating the wing ribs of TPM—Joseph May:Travel for Aircraft image

But why?

T4A is based in the United States so why the British born de Havilland Mosquito? After all, there are other return-to-flight restoration projects within the U.S.—both somewhat common as well as equally rare? Happily, there are multiple choices and one cannot say one is more worthy than another as zero sum games are for the desperate or unthinking in most cases when all is said and done.

Here are the main points for T4A:

  • It is a public affair—a world-wide public affair, not a private group soliciting donations. A community run like a business instead of a business cabal with a community facade.
  • The de Havilland Mosquito is a remarkable aviation performer (built for immense speed, as well as range, and made to burn through the atmosphere) and historic for its reputation, mission spectrum and derring-do by her flight crews (both RAF and USAAF).
  • Where else can one be involved with an original creation from the ground up? Original plywood molds take care of the fuselage construction and a recovered number plate takes care of the regulation permitting an original classification and not a faithful replica.
  • The people involved are known to T4A—without exception they are earnest, expert as well as extremely worthy of trust.

Supporting  The People’s Mosquito (TPM) is easy and rewarding to the spirit as well as for the gratification.

So, go ahead, keep supporting the aircraft restoration you are involved in—but join in a unique return-to-flight project for the public (the DH Mosquito will be placed into the public trust (e.g., the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight) and not kept in private hands subject to contested wills and the like)—The People’s Mosquito (TPM).

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  1. 22 May 2017 01:19

    One of the Mosquito test pilots, Capt. John McRae-Hall, died this past year. His name will be read at the Flowers of the Forest ceremony at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in July. He was also a test pilot for the Hawker Hunter and North American F-100. He was a friend of both myself and the Celtic Lassie. He will be missed.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      22 May 2017 18:18

      Thank you Chuck.

  2. shortfinals permalink
    22 May 2017 12:17

    Since I live in the USA, I can honestly say that support for TPM is building – slowly but surely – in this country. I recently attended the Rhode Island National Guard Open Day, and was able to speak to a number of aviation enthusiasts on just this subject. Onwards and upwards. Oh, and the quarterly online Journal, ‘Mossie Bites’, comes free with our TPM Club membership!

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      22 May 2017 18:18

      Mossie Bites…a wonderful benefit 🙂

  3. floridawarbirds permalink
    23 May 2017 16:07

    where is the aircraft based in the US/

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      25 May 2017 06:43

      I’ll amend the post to be more clear and thank you for the needed clarification. TPM is having work done by Aerowood in New Zealand–the wing ribs have been cut, to be exact, and the aircraft will eventually be placed with the likes of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in the UK. I did not mean to infer it was a U.S. based project and is why I went into noting why TPM was important to U.S. citizens–and included the pertinent web links.

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