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Juan Bielovicic—Perú’s fantastic aviator…and Croatia’s…and France’s…

5 November 2017

The Consulate of Perú in Coral Gables—Joseph May/Travel for Aircraft

Coral Gables was founded to be an international city and it has more than a handful of consulates as well as international banks within its boundaries. Recently Peru opened a consulate in the town north and intrigues with a life sized bust of an aviator. Maddeningly there is no sign or information to be seen. After an internet search I think it is of the aviator Juan Bielpvicic (1889–1949) who flew for Peru, Croatia as well as France. He set many aviation records during the 1910–1913 period and was Croatia’s first aviator (where he is known as Ivan Bjelovučić), flew for France in World War I as well as serving in the French Resistance during World War II. He retired from flying in 1920 whereupon he returned to Peru to serve there until passing away in Paris France. Three countries, some of aviation’s most dangerous flying as well as two world wars—it’s good that Peru has a bust of him on public display but some information please.

Juan Bielovicic bust by C. Vivanco Q. of Liam Perú?—Joseph May/Travel for Aircraft

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