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Seastar—Dornier latest shows how it knows how to design seaplanes

2 December 2017


The Seastar’s Dornier heritage on clear display by way of the sponsons, parasol mounted wing and tractor-pusher engines atop the wing (substantially lowering cabin noise volume levels)—Dornier Seawings image

A great view of the Dornier Seastar’s hull and sponsons (note the chines on the hull as well as the sponsons which break surface tension of the water for more rapid taking off, also the sponsons hold the fuel which greatly lowers the CG of this splendid aircraft)—Dornier Seawings image

Dornier Seastar on the step, a composite hull amphibian with twin engine reliability for up to 12 passengers—Dornier Seawings image

3D rendering of the amphibian Dornier Seastar (note how the sponson also makes for a good passenger platform for passengers to step onto or off of a dock)—Dornier Seawings image

3D rendering of the Dornier Seastar’s glass control panel—Dornier Seawings image

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