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Operation Deep Freeze—next to the S Pole, Scott + 44 years

8 January 2018


US Navy Douglas R4D “Que Sera Sera” as she looked on 31 Oct 1956—Joseph May/Travel for Aircraft

Operation Deep Freeze was Man’s first return to the South Pole since Royal Navy Captain Robert Scott first arrived there in 1912. Rear Admiral Dufek commanded the operation with Lt Commander Gus Shinn piloting the “Que Sera Sera” as they landed at the ~10,000 foot high South Pole. Take off was assisted by JATO with four bottles used to aid the aircraft in getting unstuck, leaving a bare four for use above the prescribed 30 knots and barely leaving the Antarctic surface. Well done!

Starboard side ski on the Que Sera Sera—Joseph May/Travel for Aircraft

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