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Futuristic Airliner and Airhauler Designs From NASA

15 January 2018

Creative designs hosted by NASA…

Blended body airliner/airhauler—NASA image

Wings and emanate as one—NASA image

Return to supersonic airline flight—NASA image

Return to supersonic airline flight—NASA image

Supersonic flight for one or two—NASA image

Blended body airliner/airhauler—NASA image

Airliner transiting near space—NASA image

Retro high aspect strut braced wing—NASA image

Above wing mounted engines—NASA image

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  1. 15 January 2018 01:45

    The first image looks to be the most promising. The strut braced aircraft is interesting, but not likely to ever be produced.

    I cannot see the supersonic flight machines as ever being built except as experimental. They would never haul enough paying passengers to be practical and amortize their cost. People rich enough to buy tickets will be rich enough to own their own airplanes.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      15 January 2018 18:03

      We need improvement with regard to airport gates and terminals more than improved airliners, I think.

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