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We get to see the video of Vulcan pilot Bill Ramsey on Aircrew Interview!

21 February 2018


Aircrew Interview is a marvelous resource which interviews well experienced pilots over a variety of aircraft. Their latest is The People’s Mosquito’s own Bill Ramsey (retired from the RAF). I can understand why Aircrew Interview interviewed Bill as any pilot who accomplished a quarter of what he has in aviation would be more than pleased. The interview is here, is quite good, and is a flowing 41 informative minutes in length. Bill has done quite a lot so the time is needed but the questions are good and his answering is light yet informative. Most of the interview takes place under the Handley Page Hastings at the Newark Air Museum which is interesting in itself as a post World War II four engine tail dragger design. This one was a marine recce aircraft in service and has cod mission symbols on the nose. Bill Ramsey relates they are mission symbols of the “Cod War” the UK had with Iceland not terribly long ago. The interview segues to the Avro Vulcan bomber which Ramsey flew while in the RAF, along with Panavia Tornados, and takes place under the nose of the Newark Air Museum’s Avro Vulcan, known as XM 594. Ramsey details the strategy of designing airshow routines for both the Grob Tutor—incredibly, his routine in the Grob had 21 maneuvers in 6 minutes—as well as the last flying Vulcan XH 558 with a few amusing anecdotes given for good measure. Those in, or retired from, military service will no doubt wryly be grinning as he recalls his RAF service. Interestingly, he also talks insightfully of the Grob Tutor (Grob 115E in civilian versions). Ramsey also speaks of the The People’s Mosquito project which is not unlike the Vulcan Trust project. Unsurprisingly, the stars of the show are Bill and the Avro Vulcan where the viewers learn what only can be learned by being inside the cockpit and Ramsey tells of it like no other is able.

The interview is excellent and Bill Ramsey is quite good on camera. Aircrew Interview has hit this one out of the ball park. Well done!

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