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AirFish-8—a refined design ready for the 21st Century

4 March 2018


A brace of Airfish-8 ground effects craft on the fly—Wigetworks image

Coming from Singapore by way for Germany is the ground effects craft AirFish-8. Using lightweight contruction and low maintenance tech (e.g., a 500 hp automobile V-8 power plant) the AirFish-8 can be flown in ground effect at high speed for 250–300 miles with no need for a runway and attendant crowded airspace as well as gate availability. Just the need for a beach, a dock or a lighter. Wigetworks, a company based in Singapore, using technology originated in Germany, has two AirFish-8 prototypes flying since 2008.

They are onto something.

The Royal Aeronautical Society just published an article on the resurgence of seaplanes, especially noting the Dornier Seastar written about in this blog here. And why not? Recreation and economies are expanding in island locales. Island locales often do not have nearby airports with miles long runways but an AirFish-8 can efficiently and rapidly ferry six to eight passengers to any water world location at nearly 100 mph without threat of mal de mar (AirFish-8s can fly as much as 7m above wave height). The Philippines or the southwest Pacific with their thousands of islands, for examples, could open up for tourism, homes or increased routine medical attention to endemic populations.

The AirFish-8 is as low maintenance as it is in neediness for infrastructure being powered by a conventional (non aviation rated) V-8 using automotive grade gasoline (95 octane). Indeed, the AirFish-8 could be used as its own sporting  or research platform while afloat with its deck space marked by a substantial degree of openness.

Wigetworks AirFish-8—Wigetworks image

Wigetworks AirFish-8 banking starboard—Wigetworks image

Wigetworks AirFish-8 afloat while demonstrating ample deckspace—Wigetworks image

Wigetworks AirFish-8 flies past—Wigetworks image

Wigetworks Airfish-8 is as gainly in the water as it is skimming over the water—Wigetworks image

Wigetworks AirFish-8 has the remarkable advantage of no runway requirement only a dock, a boat or a beach—Wigetworks image

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  1. 17 March 2018 07:51

    I like it!

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      17 March 2018 08:06

      Yeah. A cabin on a lake with one of these tied up on the pier 🙂

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