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Thank you Hun in the Sun!

4 April 2020

These are strange times with so many of us locked down due to C19 and a few things have become paramount. Food. Cleaning supplies. Social distancing. TP (for some). Cleaning supplies.

Cooking meals, good meals, is always a way to keep up morale as is live streaming as well as books. Cigars and whisky come to mind but we can concentrate, for now, on these unique and wonderful books which Massimiliano “Max” Pinucci will be soon publishing.

Max is the person behind Italy’s Hun in the Sun (his books are published in both English and Italian) and produced the stand alone work Airships: Designed for Greatness in 2016 (reviewed here). The website has them available for purchase—somewhat pricey one may first think but worth every dollar for the skill used in production, rare qualities and size. Its difficult to imagine a more handsome book and there aren’t sufficient superlatives to describe Max’s work which is unique in its artwork, accuracy, precision and visual as well as intellectual appeal. Max is an excellent pilot as well as artful illustrator and works with panels of experts to produce his accurate works—accuracy worth of William Tell.

And Max has been busy since then!

Publication dates have not been set for his future books but they are on the way—posters as well—and all promise hours upon hours of enjoyment exploring this massive lighter-than-air vehicles of a bygone age. Structural details, spectacular 3D illustrative effects and clever use of items to bring the scale of these behemoths to the readers await. Fabric and steel look tactile, as if the finger tips know what to expect to the touch. Colors are of various hue dependent upon the direction of light. Crew life and work is often included, as well.

Simply marvelous!

The next book due to be published, an homage to the airship in artful drawings which are accurate as well as inspiring by Hun in the Sun

A new book in production about the exotic aircraft developed race for the Schneider Trophy by Hun in the Sun

A new book in production concentrating on eight aircraft in 33 versions of WW I by Hun in the Sun

Poster of the various Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawks as they were on their lighter-than-air aircraft carrier by Hun in the Sun

Poster of the USS Shenandoah moored to the USS Patoka by Hun in the Sun

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