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Fuchs Rifles—the doubles with a bolt actions

11 April 2020

Once in a while a purpose built tool comes along that has the epitome of the craft as well as the art—such is the Fuchs double bolt action rifle—created and sold by Fuchs Fine Guns. Yes, a double rifle which doesn’t reload by a breaking of its action but one which allows three quick reloads by way of working a unique bolt. The front trigger fires the left barrel—the rear trigger the right side. The etching and wood work is worthy of Europe’s royalty. It’s the world’s only bolt action double—there isn’t another maker of this type of rifle, but why the need?

Obviously if one quickly needs more than two shots, say more than one ticked-off animal charging for example. But it also brings in a safety dimension in that, with as many as eight shots available, the barrels can be regulated for the bullets to hit close to each another at 100 yards instead of the traditional 50 to 65 yards. Note that beyond the regulated range the ballistic trajectories of the bullets cross one another, hence doubles are not long range rifles. With a Fuchs, a scope can be fitted (befitting Fuchs engineering and craftwork the scope can be mounted or removed with one move without altering its zero) and hundred yard shots can be taken.

“Elephant’s Life” double barrel bolt action rifle by Fuchs (the magazine holds half a dozen rounds giving three rapid reloads)—image courtesy of Fuchs Fine Guns

The unique double bolt—a world unique design—inverted for display of its engineering and skilled production—which allows for rapid reloading of Fuch’s double barrel rifles by way of bolt action (e.g., 2 + 6)—image courtesy of Fuchs Fine Guns

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