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Styling with The People’s Mosquito

29 August 2020

TPMThe People’s Mosquito

We’ve been in support of this remarkable effort to build a de Havilland Mosquito, enable it to fly, then fly it and subsequently donate the paradigm setting aircraft to the public trust in the UK. There are two Mossies flying today though privately owned–which is great, of course—but it is time one is aviating and owned by the public, the people. Private ownership has benefits to but can be troublesome when the owner passes away—just look a the story of the Super Cat (after languishing many years in the open at Miami Executive Airport it is thankfully now owned by a museum, the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.  Diversity is key and having both privately owned as well as publicly owned Mossies is the best solution and covers all the bases. This aircraft, the de Havilland Mosquito, is historic and relatively undersung being somewhat akin to being the SR-71 of its day during World War II by using speed and high altitude with near impunity on recce missions. Unlike the Blackbird it also had teeth and is famed for true precision bombing raids, most notably targeting Gestapo HQs in broad daylight navigating the treetops on the run ins.

The project to build an original Mosquito from a set of original fuselage molds and microfiches of de Havilland’s engineering plans (thousand of them) plus an authenticated data plate means this Mosquito can be considered original as well as new. Quite the project! The People’s Mosquito Project!

Check out the website to see high-res images, history and the excellent assemblage of personalities selflessly forwarding this project. The fuselage molds for the plywood fabrication are in the UK and have been serviced. The wings have been manufactured and shipped from New Zealand using various woods depending upon the engineering demands at the various sections. The drive to collect money for the fuselage’s construction is well on its way—join in the effort by donating here at TPM’s Operation Jericho. The progress has been quite rapid as the organization is professional, dedicated and motivated.

We’ve signed up since long ago, donated many times and found another way to support by purchase of merchandise from their TPM Shop. Recently we received two shirts and a jacket from the shop and couldn’t be happier with the quality. High quality machine embroidery as well as excellent materials which are built to last. These are Nordstrom’s quality—not souvenir store cheap-but-no-bargain items. There is quite a variety and should be checked out not only for yourself but for thoughtful and unique  gift giving. An inert .303 calibre cartridge key chain cannot be shipped into the USA due to USA restrictions. Sure—we’ve ordered .50, .375 and .338 pens made in the USA but cannot import the .303—go figure!

Back of The People’s Mosquito soft-shell jacket (a large embroidered Mossie in flight)—The People’s Mosquito Shop

A Mossie on the ground embroidered on a sky blue Polo shirt (also in red)—The People’s Mosquito Shop

Designed by famed Nick Horrox is this Mossie fighter-intruder variant coming at you—The People’s Mosquito Shop

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  1. shortfinals permalink
    29 August 2020 20:47

    Well said, Joe! Ours is a fascinating project, which grows day by day with each donation to Operation Jericho 2020, large or small! For full details of how anyone can participate and even put their name on the iconic fuselage moulds, please see

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      20 September 2020 13:44

      Roger that Ross. I’m happy to contribute as it is such a unique and special historical endeavor.

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