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B-17 tail gun position on the way…

12 September 2020

…to the Pima Air & Space Museum (Tucson AZ) where the 390th Bomb Group Memorial Museum is located…

The gunner’s view looking aft within the tail gun position of the restored B-17 Flying Fortress’s rear gun position compartment (note the military’s usual attention to creature comfort)—image courtesy and ©2020 Nicholas Veronico

Nicholas Veronico is an interesting person with a wide variety of talent as well as interests. Particularly in aviation’s history and, interestingly, as a collector with considerable expertise of aircraft gun turrets.

He has written widely on a number of subjects ranging from history to the world’s sole flying telescope (SOFIA). Several of his books have been reviewed in this blog (type his name into the search window) especially in regard to less popular though no less important aircraft (e.g., PB4Y Privateers, Air Force One aircraft) as well as the location and recovery of lost warbirds (coining the term “wreckchaser” in his fascinating books Hidden Warbirds as well as Hidden Warships).

He has a special interest in gun turrets, restoring and preserving many, partly stemming from the loss of his uncle who is a casualty of World War II—a heavy bomber gunner in Europe’s skies.

Looking better than new, Nick Veronico’s thoroughly restored Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress tail gunners compartment—image courtesy and ©2020 Nicholas Veronico

Nick’s latest effort has been the acquisition and funding the historically accurate restoration of the authentic rear gun position compartment of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress—and it is a beauty!

Restored at Aero Trader (located in Chino CA) and assessed for authenticity as well as accuracy by famed Gordon Page (TV host of Chasing Planes and author). Using a pick-up truck Nick, must have made quite a sight as he took it home from Chino!

Gordon Page, “Chasing Planes” TV show host, evaluates the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress tail gun compartment recently restored by Aero Trader (Chino CA) for Nick Veronico—image courtesy and ©2020 Nicholas Veronico

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress tail gun position, restored at Aero Trader at Chino CA, and owned by Nicholas Veronico (I’m positive he soaked in the admiration of passing drivers as he drove at less than highway speed limits)—image courtesy and ©2020 Nicholas Veronico

Nick had the compartment professionally assessed for the benefit of the 390th Bomb Group Memorial Museum within Tucson AZ’s Pima Air & Space Museum where he has loaned it for historical display—debuting 15 October 2020. Preservation of aviation’s history take many forms but recovery and restoration are paramount—so, kudos to Nicholas Veronico for his dedication as well as contribution to remembering our veterans, especially of World War II.

Gordon Page (L) and Nick Veronico (R) beside Nick’s wonderfully restored Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress tail gun compartment. Nick is holding Gordon’s book, “Warbird Recovery: the Hunt for a Rare WWII Plane in Siberia, Russia”, as well. Gordon recently evaluated this compartment for accuracy prior to a loan to the 390th Bomb Group Memorial Museum in Tucson AZ—image courtesy and ©2020 Nicholas Veronico



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