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Current news of U.S. Navy WW II Warbird Restoration

29 May 2021

Taras Lyssenko continues to be effective in restoring U.S. Naval Aviation heritage from World War II. He has recovered almost too many to count Wildcats, Daintlesses, Avengers and a Hellcat and Helldiver as well as the sole Vindicator on display. His achievements, through A & T Recovery, are legendary and A & T’s partnership with the National Naval Aviation Museum Foundation has restored a plethora of World War II aircraft now displayed throughout the U.S. as well as the world. He success is stellar—to the point he has miffed the Naval History and Heritage Command by handing them their hat in preventing loss of the Navy’s history (use the search window for the story).

Much of the recovery story, actually stories and all as exciting as they are individual, are in his book, The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan (see the review). Aircraft are not only recovered but family as well as former flight crew are found and become part of the recovery. A & T Recovery, as well as Taras, always include the human dimension in their laudable efforts.

Taras also shared some recent news…

He was just published in Michigan History:

Courtesy Michigan History
Courtesy Michigan History

He also relates that, excitingly, yet another Douglas SBD Dauntless may soon be sent to Kalamazoo’s AirZoo for restoration and prominent display elsewhere. It is an unusually early model, an SBD-1, and its story involves much personal loss.

Additionally, he will present a highlighted presentation at EAA’s AirVenture 2021, Warbirds in Review on Monday, 26 July 2021 in Oshkosh WI (or course)—where the focus was asked to be on The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan.

(Warning: Taras always surprises with excitement and justified incitement in his talks—they rarely go to plan but are always worth the attending).  

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