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Underwater Aircraft Recovery Podcast Hosting Taras Lyssenko

6 November 2021

The Green Dot (3rd Thursday of the month podcast hosted by the EAA Museum) recently hosted Taras Lyssenko who has recovered more than a few dozen aircraft from beneath the waves through his firm A and T Recovery. The firm (amazingly, it has a cadre of just three people) has recovered more aircraft for restoration than any other firm of note. Thankfully, most being former World War II relics which had been wasting away but are now displayed pristinely–except two which are exhibited as conserved wrecks in full scale dioramas with lighting and sounds effects!

In this podcast he talks about several subjects ranging from the human nature involved to the salvage operations proper. Along the way, hear of the recovery of the most historic aircraft displayed in the National Naval Aviation Museum as well as the rare example of the Vought Vindicator displayed nearby. Many other stories of aircraft recovery ops abound as A and T Recovery has rescued tens of aircraft from oblivion (and on largely a not-for-profit basis) to be restored then displayed in museums as well as airports worldwide.

This really is an exceptional story.

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