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Travel for Aircraft is a voluntary blog done for the purpose of furthering the efforts to preserve the history of aviation. It is not a blog that has revenue in its purpose, there is no board of directors, research is done by the editor, all text and images are copyrighted but may be used for personal non revenue producing purposes, giving credit information is always appreciated — please contact this blog for licensing arrangements if needed.

Contacting Travel for Aircraft is as easy as sending an email to and please do so, should you have questions or comments — commercial pitches will be fodder for the wastebasket.

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  1. 9 April 2013 17:24


    I am in the process of establishing a site dedicated to developing interest in aviation. I have placed a blog post below you may want to place on your blog.

    David Venish Blog Post

    “Learning to fly a light aircraft, sailplane / glider, helicopter or trike is a fun pastime which is enormously rewarding and engaging. Flight training is an investment in a truly exceptional life experience, one that will evolve into a journey through flight as you explore the joy of aviation. Become a flight student today and enjoy a lifetime of amazing memories as you discover new places and meet interesting people.

    Training to fly an airplane will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an intellectually challenging pastime with family and friends, while experiencing the indescribable sensation of flying through the wondrous sky above everyone else.

    Spending time and money on unique, fulfilling life experiences leads to greater and more enduring happiness than using that money to buy ephemeral, transitory material possessions, research continuously confirms. And when it comes to life-changing experiences, learning to maneuver an aircraft through a three-dimensional space and land with an imperceptible touchdown is right up there with the most unforgettable things you can do in your life.

    Visit a flight school today, help save an airfield from housing development and inspire someone to invest in a truly exceptional life experience by encouraging them to develop an interest in aviation and flight training. View our inspiring 3 min video at or view the full 10 min video at

    Share the inspiring message on Facebook at and leave a comment. Please don’t forget to click on the google +1 button on the pages you visit to raise awareness of the joy of flight and encourage more people to take up flight training. Once you’ve registered a click you can mouse over the button and share the link via email or google circles. Our home page is available in Español, Deutsch, Français and Português. A Spanish translation of the video can be found here.

    Browse through the selection of Pioneers of Flight Aviation books we have listed for your reading pleasure under the Resources > Aviation Books tab in the navigation bar. Here is a sample of the airmanship list. You can view a selection of Cold War Military Aviation books here.”


    • travelforaircraft permalink
      21 April 2013 07:31


      Thank you and good fortune!

  2. Craig Landefeld permalink
    21 June 2013 15:27

    Considering I found this via a friend on Facebook, I’d offer to you and your readers to check out two Facebook pages I manage relating to aircraft.
    One is dedicated to aerospace items often referred to as “gate guards” or “planes on a stick” called The Silent Sentinels (Gate Guards/Planes on a Stick)
    The other deals with the various aerospace museums found in the state of Florida called Florida’s Aviation and Space Heritage Museums
    Best of luck on your page and we will continue to check it out!
    Craig Landefeld
    Riverview, FL

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      22 June 2013 12:25

      Thanks 🙂 These are great pages.

  3. Chuck Stanley permalink
    2 September 2013 17:32

    Ross just sent me a note about the professor looking for info on the old computer, and suggested I contact you. I just tried to sign on, but I had Jonathan Turley’s blog open deleting spam, and I think I accidentally signed him up. You might want to take him off the subscription list. WP would not take my email as being “invalid,” but that;s fine, I bookmarked this blog.

    I have been writing on Daily Kos for several years, and recently started writing as a weekend “Guest Blogger” for Jonathan Turley. I usually do one or two stories each week. This week was on the Bayou Corne salt dome collapse in Louisiana. Link here:

    I have done several aviation related stories for Professor Turley’s blog.

    I also have posted some aviation related diaries on Daily Kos. When he first started his blog, Kos allowed only one post a day, hence “diaries.” New servers now, and there is no limit per day, but he insists on keeping the tradition of calling posts “diaries.” Shortfinals has done up to four or five a day.

    Daily Kos has special interest groups who maintain blogs within the main blog. Here is the Kossack Air Force:

    I have some stories in the works about women in aviation, including Sabrina Jackintell and Evelyn Bryan “Mama Bird” Johnson. My dad worked for Walter and Hartzell Geyer’s funeral home in Mena, Arkansas. Hatrzell owned the airport, and the brothers co-owned five airplanes. I had flying lessons from both of them. The city took the airport by eminent domain, and the brothers left. Thought you might like to see a bit about Walter:

    Six DFC and five Air Medals!


    • travelforaircraft permalink
      2 September 2013 20:52

      Hello Chuck and thanks — that was quite a report. I replied to the professor and will read your comment in-depth and get back with you. Cheers, Joe

  4. Vikki Evers permalink
    28 February 2014 09:14

    I think we exchanged comments about a Bob Jenny exhibit in Fort Lauderdale recently. There are now several aircraft prints of his listed on ebay as well as quite a few wildlife scenes. I can’t seem to find your post regarding Mr. Jenny – do you know which one I’m referring to and would you share it with me?


  5. Antonia Cornwall permalink
    19 October 2019 20:57

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  6. 21 April 2020 00:27

    Please change the name of the Flying Leatherneck Historical foundation and museum to Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      21 April 2020 22:26

      Thanks…got it.

  7. Celso Ahumada permalink
    7 June 2020 11:38

    Tratando de comunicarme con Elicesar, hace mucho que no lo veo, se me olvido el apellido

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