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Cal Sci Center Douglas DC-8 walkaround

13 May 2011

Cal Sci Center Douglas DC-8 walkaround

The California Science Center has several aircraft on display. During a layover of only a few hours at LAX one day I had time to view the aircraft on exhibit outside the museum. It is quite easy to get to, plentiful parking, gorgeous grounds and neighboring museums.

The distinctive cheek ducts of the Douglas DC-8 — photo by Joe May

This DC-8, atop an elegant skeletal support as if in flight, is at the museum’s entrance. There is nothing like walking beneath an aircraft to gauge its size and weight so this display is excellent — and has a lot of shaded space for a class field trip to play under.

Dynamic viewing perspective of the Cal Sci Center DC-8 — photo by Joe May

Aft perspective of the DC-8 — photo by Joe May

The forward section of the DC-8 — photo by Joe May

Detail of the DC-8s nose — photo by Joe May

The Douglas DC-8 at the California Science Center in Los Angeles CA — photo by Joe May

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  1. shortfinals permalink
    13 May 2011 08:42

    Thanks for this, Joe! I always did find the DC-8 more elegant than the 707.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      13 May 2011 10:14

      I agree, the DC-8 is an elegant design. I have not flown in one but I just noted that one is at the Delta Airlines Museum in Atlanta — so, hopefully, I’ll be able to see the interior someday soon. I like how this DC-8 is displayed so that one can walk around at get a perspectiec similar to being in formation flight 🙂 I think the nose inlets add to its charm, as well.

      P.S. Oops. I should not go by memory. The Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum does not have a DC-8, I just checked tjeir web site.

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