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1933 and the splendid hangar for fledgling American Airlines

11 January 2013

1933 and the splendid hangar for fledgling American Airlines

32º 49′ 18″ N / 97º 21′ 20″ W

201 Aviation Way, Hangar 11N at Fort Worth Meacham International Airport (FTW) is not simply an address — it is the location of a beautiful and architecturally, as well as historically, significant aircraft hangar.

Built for American Airways in 1933, just a year before its acquisition by the newly formed American Airlines, this building was meant to impress as well as to serve. The north side of the hangar has an attached building (a lean-to in architecture parlance) which I could not observe on the day I visited but the remaining three exposures seen that day were breathtaking. Fortunately, National Register of Historical Places report of the American Airways Hangar and Administration Building (4.14Mb PDF) report was made and it is thorough as well as enlightening — and is the source of information of this post.

From this report we learn that, “The decorative pilasters are derivatives of the Art Moderne and to some degree the Streamline machine-age designs of the 1920s and 1930s.” Also that is of statewide level of significance, designed by A. Epstein (out of Chicago) and built by Thomas S. Byrne, Inc. (of Fort Worth). We also learn of several architectural terms which have been used in the image captions.

— photo by Joseph May

These hangar doors are circa the 1970 but the  rest of the structure is pure vintage 1933 — photo by Joseph May

— photo by Joseph May

Fluted cast stone pilasters and “steel sash multi-lite” windows mark this  hangar’s pleasing design as well as a naturally lit interior — photo by Joseph May

— photo by Joseph May

One of the several cast stone pilasters, note the bas-relief American Airways Eagle capital just below the  cornice — photo by Joseph May

— photo by Joseph May

A better view of the  capitol’s American Airways Eagle in bas-relief — photo by Joseph May

— photo by Joseph May

The pilasters, bas-relief AA Eagles and multiple  pane windows give this building a style and character — photo by Joseph May

The hangar, more than eight decades later, is in regular business use today! The history of the airport where it is located, Fort Worth Meacham International Airport (FTW), can be found at this link.

The previous post’s subject, on Wednesday, is the gorgeous American Airlines DC-3 known as Flagship Knoxville while the post on the preceding Monday was on the American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum.

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  1. Jaclyn Gates permalink
    2 June 2022 09:52

    Great info! Why did American choose Fort Worth? I actually office out of this building and am writing a paper on the history but havent yet figured out why they chose this location. Thanks! Jackie

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      19 August 2022 13:05

      Great question…I’ll look into it along with you.

    • travelforaircraft permalink*
      20 August 2022 09:24

      Well, I don’t have an answer either but this web site shows AA opened a flight attendant training school in Dallas/FT Worth well into their existence– Maybe CR Smith has a connection to Texas?

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