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4th Year!

14 July 2013


4th Year!


Fireworks — photo by Joseph May

Fireworks — photo by Joseph May

This blog stands upon the shoulders of many:

  • Contributors who supply facts and materials and corrections — including many friends and associates who take time during trips to capture images for this blog, especially Jayne Davis for her shooting over fences and in the darkest of hangars when she could have been touristing 🙂
  • Help in maintaining professional standards — especially from Marty Davis (an excellent photo and copy editor — absolutely ruthless — as it should be) and David McLay
  • Historian, an understatement, Ross Sharp of Shortfinals’s Blog — his enthusiasm and knowledge have no bounds
  • Isaac Alexander, who runs the Jet City Star blog about aviation and aerospace in the Seattle–Puget Sound area, for his advice and technical help — especially setting this blog up on Twitter
  • The People’s Mosquito project — for allowing this blog to aid in their magnificent effort to build a flying deHavilland Mosquito and place it in the public trust
  • The Florida Aviation Historical Society — for allowing this blog to aid in Flight 2014, the Centennial of Airline Flight
  • JR Hafer of the JR Hafer Aviation Blog — for allowing this blog to help while a dedicated cadre forms the Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc.
  • Steve Rogers and the UK based The War Graves Photographic Project  — intent on photographing high quality images of every grave of their fallen throughout the world during United Kingdom service — this blog humbly submitted sets of images from two locations
  • David Lord — for caretaking the artistic dimension of Travel for Aircraft
  • Bruce Kay for delivering so much in the way of aviation news and articles
  • The blogs I read every morning: James Kightly’s Vintage Aeroplane Writer, Ross Sharp’s previously noted Shortfinals’s Blog as well as Indy Transponder which has a daily plethora of the current aviation happenings
  • The countless museums, restoration staffs, historians and volunteers — aviation’s history would not be preserved without them, nor would this blog be possible
  • Finally — and most importantly — my wife Catherine Dowman who I would be so much less without — always contributing ideas, writing advice and images (and has the award for capturing images in the hottest of climes — 104º F/40º C)



Fireworks — photo by Joseph May

Fireworks — photo by Joseph May

Here are the stats:

  • 700 posts
  • 2600 images
  • 59 book and film reviews
  • 56 museum reviews


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  1. 14 July 2013 01:47

    Many thanks to YOU, Joe, and congrats to you and the Missus on reaching the 4-year milestone for this most interesting and educational aviation blog site. Intelligent and informed observations from your readers are a bonus! Lang may yur lum reek! (Long may your chimney smoke!)

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      15 July 2013 05:16

      Yes, the comments can be awesome! Thanks for you help, as well 🙂

  2. 14 July 2013 02:38

    Congratulations!!! When I was starting out, I looked around to see who I could model myself on. The blog that stood out above all others…Travel for Aircraft! It has been an absolute joy to co-operate with you on many projects, and I value your wise insights, greatly. Here’s to many more years, Joe! Kind regards to Catherine.

    • travelforaircraft permalink
      15 July 2013 05:15

      Most kind of you Ross and the Kiwi says hello 🙂

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